Live concerts & conferences

Most people have heard of channeling either voices, automatic writing and possibly channeling of paintings – David’s gift is to channel music.

At live experiential concerts and conferences David will play channeled music and share a little about his life. He will also play personal melodies for some of the audience’s members.

With these personal melodies, David holds your hand, asking you to tell your name and then tones are floating out of his hands. Tones addressed directly to you, describing your life and opening your heart. David says that it is as if a layer of cobwebs is laying over him and he no longer knows what his hands are doing. The music changes from gentle to violent chords and back again. It is like reading his life as a novel or seeing it as a film, compressed down to a few minutes. At the same time everybody is experiencing that the door to their heart is wide open, and it feels wonderful.

David has played for Mother Theresa, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Paul McCartney and at the Bercy Paris, Victoria Palace London and the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Many people throughout the world have heard his music at their therapist, who use the healing music in their treatment rooms.

If you would like to book David Bailey for a live experiential concert, we look forward to hearing from you.