Sessions with the “Spiritual Doctors”

– Session at a distance with the “Spiritual Doctors”.


I offer the possibility of getting a session at a distance for everyone who cannot get to see me in person.

Please send to me by email ( the following details :

Full name
Date of birth
Home address (and the address of hospital/etc if not at home)
Brief detail of problem
Photo if possible

Once I receive this, I will start to work immediately alongside the “Spiritual Doctors”.
The “Spiritual Doctors” continue their work every Wednesday evening at 22:00 local time.

You do not need to do anything special apart from put a 1.5L bottle of water near you and drink this during the following week.

A continuing support on the internet is the Saturday meditation at 16:30 french time dedicated to link with the spiritual doctors (link here).
If you want to receive a weekly reminder, you can register yourself on the main page of my site to get my newsletter.

The meditation can be listened to as many times during the week at times that suits you.
I do not make a charge for this, but if you wish to make a small donation you can use this link.


– Session at Rennes-Le-Château with the “Spiritual Doctors”.

I harnesses my gift to initiate and facilitate healing by accessing finer frequencies, receiving and channeling sacred guidance.

Through this profound connection to the divine, inclusive of the spiritual realm, I provide gentle yet potent transformation that resonates deeply, offering comfort and rejuvenation to those in need.

Rendezvous for individuals or groups available upon request.