Special meditations

Music for the Peace in the World


Each one of us posses a gift of an immense and precious power….The ability to offer thoughts of peace and The Love.

Offer this gift to yourself, it will not only resonate in yourself but also throughout the world. To help, let yourself relax into the music and follow your greatest ally…your heart.

Through this music flows light… The light of The Source. This music can be used in many ways, in conjuction with different therapies and for meditation.

You can download this piece of music for free in the section “Free Download”

This piece has been recorded on the 24th of April 2017, in the Castle of Rennes-Le-Château.



Mary Magdalene meditation

The following video is of the first meditations dedicated to Mary Madeleine played on Friday 22 July in the salle Visigoth in the chateau at Rennes Le Chateau.

The meditations were a great success with about 200 people participating during the day, so I am planning to make these meditations a regular event. The energy was incredibly powerful leaving many folk in tears. Thank you to the unseen world for making all this possible.

Please take half an hour of quiet time to experience this in your home, and please share.
With many thanks for all your support,