Congratulations on your fine playing.
– Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

David’s piano improvisations are like poems from heaven that open hearts.
– Lars Muhl, Sweden

I’ve used David’s music during my healing sessions for a number of years. It always induces a deep sense of peace and well-being in the patient so that the healing energies become much more effective. I know that his work is vitally important in these days and am sure that many many people will benefit. Thank you so much David for all that you are doing.
– Keith, Healer, United Kingdom

Thank you for bringing out my song. You are blessed with an amazing gift to play our energetic vibrations so poignantly. Each note you played, I knew. Anyone who has the opportunity to sit with you for a second knows the purity you posses. A blessing, a treasure and gift you gave to me.
– Audrey K. Ohio, United States

I had the great pleasure of an afternoon with you [David] in Altet les Bains last month. You had all of us in wonder and tears, all the while healing our souls. You are an uncommon man; a humanitarian, seeker and healer, plus so easily accessible. Bless you and your magical hands. We were a large group and you still had all of your personal songs complete in three days! I treasure and grow every time I listen to mine. I play your CDs for the people who come in for a massage/bodywork with me and we are transformed. Sending you much love, joy, peace and laughter.
– Alice, massage therapist, United States

I remember playing with David, he was on piano and I was doing backup keyboards to accompany a Christmas song which was being televised. His patience and attention to technical detail were absolutely amazing and although it took a while to get the results we wanted, the end product was stunning. I felt as though I was playing in heaven as an apprentice just joining an established orchestra of the highest calibre! Out of my depth, or what? However, the effects of playing music with someone who gives 100% plus, playing from the depth of their heart, mind and soul, has the capacity to make you feel relaxed, knowing you’re in the right place and inspires you to move out spiritually in response. As David says, we don’t know how exactly music works, but we know it has tremendous powers to heal us and put us back together when the world has tried to tear us apart. Get as much of David’s music as you can, for your own health and peace of mind, and if you can get to hear him live, you’ll be blesses beyond belief!
– Erik Retallick, Senior Pastor and President of WorldPrayr Inc., Mission Aviation Fellowship Voluntary Rep (UK), Musician (theatre productions), Music Teacher, Freelance Organist, Public Speaker and Fundraiser, East Sussex.

Thank you for sharing your extra ordinary and exquisite gifts with us. My ‘Soul Music’ touched my heart and gave my Soul wings to fly. It echoed and reverberated through me for days – and yet I couldn’t have hummed a note afterwards. It is as if you have the ability to connect with that long forgotten internal song that wants to be heard and released. The 2 CDs I have, ‘Stillness’ and ‘Marie Magdeleine’ are both sublime. Thank you again.
– Sue Thimas, Meditation Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Healer and Artist, United Kingdom

C’est un honneur de te rencontrer, toi et cette Vie merveilleuse qui t’habite. Il n’y a pas de mots pour décrire ta musique, mais chaque fois que je l’écoute, c’est une paix et une grâce qui m’envahit. C’est tellement beau que ta musique porte une telle vibration et c’est un profond remerciement pour ton oeuvre, merci.
– Régan Tarn

No words can express how I was moved by your angelic music.
– Dominique, France

The music touched my soul in so many ways. Thank him above for giving you this amazing talent, and the use you put it to. With love.
– Sarah, Belgium

I met you at your concert at Brønshøj this autumn. I ordered a CD. I was very excited to hear what you had for me. Words can hardly describe what feelings your music gives me. The first time I heard the CD, tears were running down my cheeks. I listen to the the music every day, and it gives me grounding.
– Kai Skov Kristensen

A very special thank you for playing our ‘special ‘ soul music. It was truly a wonderful experience listening to it.
– Judi, United Kingdom

I want to thank you again for the great gift you gave us. I’m very touched every time I listen to it.
– Erik Roesink, Holland

Le morceau de musique que vous avez crée pour moi avec votre ressenti était magnifique et m’a profondément ému et bouleversée et j’ai garde encore l’impreinte.
– Martine, France

Sometimes, a moment in time expresses itself as an extraordinary gift and the music you brought through to my heart resonated very deeply.Thank you.
– Jose, France

If you were other than born, the world would be missing a beautiful role in this melody of life.
– Jennifer, United States

Sitting beside you listening to the music gift you gave us made me speechless and I had tears in my eyes. Many thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with us.
– Olaf, Holland

Unwaited, powerful, linking me to a ‘film’ experience of my whole life. Gorgeous, emotional and very very beautiful! Thank you 1000 times.
– Kai, Germany

Thank you for all that you do and for sharing your gifts so generously with the world! The divine garden is enhanced further by your presence and I look forward to the onward journey.
– Kathleen McGowan, United States

Most amazing person and music that gives me so much! thank you, David. 🙂
– Kristina Græsbøll Larsen

I was at Johan Boswinkle’s ODE LIVE conference in San Francisco (I was the chiren volunteer as I had just been diagnosed with Leukemia and myelofibrosis). David was playing there. His playing truly swept me away. After Johan’ session and many more I am no longer struggling with my ‘terminal’ illness. And I listen to David’s beautiful music. Bravo to both men, Johan Boswinkle and David for their healing accomplishments.
– Jan Lisi, California, United States