For the Individual

Allow yourself 30 minutes. Choose a CD. Find a comfortable chair or a position where you can easily relax. Be sure that you cannot be disturbed by telephones or other noises and distractions. Take a few calm breaths and turn the music on. Let the mind wander. If you go to sleep or daydream, just let it be so. The music will do what it has to do. When you have quietly finished always just tap your feet firmly on the ground to return you to you in the here and now.

For the Therapist

Choose the CD you feel suitable for your client. Give them the space to be comfortable. Then start the music. You have approximately 25 minutes of uninterrupted gentle piano music to help you with the treatment.

Personal Compositions

Bespoke compositions from the heart for you are available on request. If this is of interest, please contact David.