Meet Your Guardian Angel – Angels & Secrets.
Total time 2 : 53 : 34
Only Available on CD as an mp3 and spoken in Danish.



Please note this is an mp3 file shipped on a CD and is in DANISH language only

This CD contains all the exercises and meditations from the two books ‘Meet Your Guardian Angel’ and ‘Angels Secrets’. It is loaded by actress Hanne Stensgaard. Music during meditation is played by David Bailey.

Princess Märtha Louise & Elisabeth Nordeng said:

“Sometimes we had to look in the book, when we forgot what the next step in the meditations were. But that way you step out of the meditation and do not get the consistent joy of contemplation and experience that it can provide. Therefore, we have loaded and released a CD, it may be advantageous to make the meditations with others. It is often difficult to find the time and inspiration to sit down for a long time to explore themselves through meditation .

“So it’s good to be two or more people who support each other. Probably you experience your meditation in a different way than your friend. Be aware of your way. Explore. And most importantly: Be patient with yourself. We can recognize each other’s themes, but none have the same with the luggage. We tackles adversity, trauma, joys and ups in different ways.

“Whatever you are experiencing: Be in it. Trust that what you are experiencing is right for you, regardless of what others are experiencing. It might be a little difficult if you have no experience while you are with, marks a lot. It does not matter. You are not inferior because of it. We are not the same.  And that’s good.”

( The loaded meditations on CD-one can vary slightly in wording from the book’s text, but the main message is the same.)


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